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Share the Fruit you LOVE


A few weeks ago in the April General Conference, Elder Ballard challenged the members of the Church to study Preach My Gospel:

“To help you in this process, I invite all members, regardless of your current calling or level of activity in the Church, to obtain a copy of Preach My Gospel. It is available through our distribution centers and also online. The online version can be read or downloaded at no cost. It is a guidebook for missionary work—which means it is a guidebook for all of us. Read it, study it, and then apply what you learn to help you understand how to bring souls to Christ through invitation and follow-up.”

As I’ve begun studying this most helpful resource, written under the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost, I have been pondering why it begins by talking about Lehi’s dream.

I learned that Lehi tasted of the fruit which was “most sweet, above all that I ever before tasted.” (1 Nephi 8:11) Now that he had tasted the fruit he desired to share it with those he loved most, his family.

I cannot share something I do not have. My first step in becoming a missionary is to taste of the fruit of the gospel myself. Daily.