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Sunday Dinners

What did you have for Sunday dinner yesterday? As a kid, mom usually made a roast with potatoes and gravy. I haven’t followed in her footsteps. I don’t have a “traditional” Sunday meal.

Yesterday we had wild-caught salmon (great buy for only $3.99 a pound!), fresh corn on the cob, and salad. Oh…in the summer months, I always have a watermelon cut up into bite-size chunks, so I put that bowl on the table for added color and the refreshing taste.

I’m trying to think what I had for Sunday dinner the week before??? What did you have??

Let’s see…that was the Sunday I took dinner to my son’s house. Oh yeah….I made a great homemade pasta sauce; it was delicious! I even had some leftovers to enjoy for the week.

What about the weekly spiritual feast of the sacrament? Do you remember that experience?

In an attempt to make the sacrament more meaningful and personal to me, I am not only working to remember my Savior and His gifts throughout the week, but to remember the experience and my feeling during the sacrament.

What did I ponder on while the emblems were being passed? Did I look at the deacon’s blue striped tie, or did I remember that Christ’s stripes will heal me as I seek forgiveness?

One Sunday I imagined what it would be like if the Savior himself carried the trays of bread and water. Would I be more in tune to the spirit? Would the sacrament be more meaningful to me?

Yesterday, I thought of how many drops of Christ’s blood would it take to fill the less-than-one-ounce cup of water. It really doesn’t matter how many drops. What matters is that He did shed his blood in Gethsemane and on Calvary for me. And you. And all of us.

Had I been in either of those places and witnessed Christ’s love for me, I would always remember those experiences. I can do the same thing every week.

When I remember the experience, I can remember my Savior. I can feel His love and desire for me to take full advantage of His atonement. It starts by remembering Him.

Do you remember your sacramental experience this week? If so, don’t share it here. Write it in your journal.